July 2, 2022

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System aims to revitalize East San Jose smaller enterprises

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Pricey Neighborhood,

This is a Smoke Monitor. They are a shell for hiding revenue

I’m am just laughing at the Taxpayers Dollars that are heading toan Group that has not answered community Concerns about the Tax Dollars that VTA gave them for Xmas Lights, about $19,000.00 and the Taxpayers Pounds from the City of San Jose for Bistro Lights at twice that volume.

That is a large amount of dollars not to be in a position to Account for.

The Alum Rock Santa Clara Avenue Company Association has no Board of Directors.

They can not notify us how several members they have.

Peter Ortiz, does he have a Company?

What Enterprise has he founded?

Not acquiring a prepare in location is like stating they promise to do good with the income but not telling the Neighborhood where it is likely to go.

The Salaries are going to take up a massive chunk of that alter.

Carrascos scent is all over this Taxpayers Pounds being Flushed down the Drain into a Peter Ortiz program to enable who?

Plata Arroyo Community Affiliation and Eastgate N.A.C. have asked for Documentation right after Documentation and to this Day, we have nothing at all.

That is a violation of Non-revenue.

When was their final Election?

Why is Jesus Flores associated with an additional Association and no extended included in the Alum Rock Santa Clara Road Company Affiliation, but as much as the IRS is involved he is the Accountable Party?

Why has the BILAWS been charged so that only Board Associates can Vote for Board Member Elections?

That is not the NON-PROT WAY!!!

In fact Carrasco just gave away Tax Pounds that will by no means be Accounted for.

All Plata Arroyo has questioned for is Accountability.

There is nothing coming from Peter Ortiz, who has not returned my simply call months ago when he wrote the Petition for the Tax Pounds for Carrssco to Champion.

Connie Alvarez who is the President of the Affiliation soon after Jesus Flores left to begin a new Organization Non-profit – has not answered my E-mail.

With no Board and no shown Customers, this is a fraud to the greatest heights.

I am laughing that the City gave away all of this Money and experienced almost nothing in mind for Accountability.

What a excellent wasted total of Money.

The Alum Rock Santa Clara Avenue Company Affiliation is in two Neighborhoods, Plata Arroyo and Mayfair who fulfill monthly, and even although we have questioned to sign up for, we have read absolutely nothing.

Talk about holding it in the Relatives.

If this is Okay with Jeff Rosen whom I have despatched Copies of my E-mails to Connie Alvarez inquiring for Accountability, then I guess Us Tax Payers are on the Hook.

What a joke – supplying Hard cash to an Association that is a shill with a ADVISOR who does what for a living, possess a Organization? Not as considerably as I know

Individual a Business enterprise in Alum Rock Avenue? Nope

Great Luck Accounting for the huge Salaries to be supplied absent devoid of motion to strengthen our Neighborhood.

I am so laughing at who at any time approved this at the Metropolis level…..

Devoid of a Board, who is likely to handle this Funding, Connie? Peter?

Audit their Books then give Funding.

Those people of you who know me – know that I am not to considerably off goal.

This is unlucky for Taxpayers.

I come to feel the Resources need to be withheld until a entire audit can be created of their By-legislation, their accounting of Resources from VTA, comprehensive funding Accountability from the City Auditor and a reconciliation of Association Reserve Retaining, and a overall Accounting of the 200 Enterprise that Peter Ortiz and Mimi Hernandez has claimed the Alum Rock Santa Clara Road stand for.

Which is my belief of this debacle.

WOW, Metropolis OF SAN JOSE YOU JUST Acquired TOOK!!!!!


In Local community Spirit,
Danny Garza

Plata Arroyo Neighborhood Affiliation and Eastgate N.A.C.

Guadalupe Gonzalez

Mayfair Neighborhood Affiliation and Mayfair N.A.C.

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